Call for Expressions of Interest to participate in "Japanaroo 2021"

We are pleased to announce the call for expressions of interest from organisations which are interested in organising events at "Japanaroo 2021".
"Japanaroo" is a new initiative to celebrate multiculturalism and promote exchanges with Japan in Australia and is coordinated by "Japanaroo Platform", an innovative public-private partnarship (see About Japanaroo).

"Japanaroo 2021" will be held from 20 to 29 August 2021. During this period, government organisations, community groups, non-profit organisations as well as shops, restaurants and other businesses will organise special events related to Japan.
Examples of proposed events include Japanese cultural demonstrations, special dining experiences at restaurants as well as pop-up events to showcase made in Japan products and tourism, etc.
Participating organisations of "Japanaroo 2021" can use the promotional logo and their events will be widely promoted on the Japanaroo website (to be launched prior to the festival).
Organisations interested in participating in "Japanaroo 2021" are invited to submit the attached application form.
The events need to satisfy certain conditions. Funding of and responsibility for the individual events are to be borne by the respective organisers. Japanaroo Platform, not being an incorporated association, will not take responsibility for matters arising from individual events. Please refer to the documents below.
Submission period: From 6 May to 31 May 2021
(Even after the deadline for submission of application forms, groups that strongly wish to participate in "Japanaroo 2021" may be admitted to participate if their preparations can be made promptly. Such groups are requested to consult with Japanaroo Platform  ( ).)
Submission to: