JET Programme


Current Status

Applications for the 2022 JET Programme are NOW CLOSED!

All applications had to have arrived by post to the Embassy of Japan in Canberra no later than 5pm (AEDT) Friday 12 November 2021. We thank all applicants from NSW and the NT for their application into the 2022 JET Programme and wish everyone the best in the selection process (timeline below). For more information, please visit the Embassy of Japan's website.

To learn more about the JET Programme in general, you can visit the Programme's official website.

2022 JET Programme recruitment timeline:

September - October 2021

Information sessions for interested applicants were held.

Friday 12 November 2021

Application deadline

(NOTE: Applications had to have arrived by 5pm AEDT to the Embassy of Japan in Canberra. Late applications will not be accepted).

December 2021

First stage of screening process. All written applications are reviewed by the Embassy of Japan in Canberra.

January - February 2022

Second stage of screening process. Successful applicants from stage one are invited to attend an interview at the Embassy or nearest Consulate-General.

March 2022

[April/Early Arrivals]

  • Announcement of short-list candidate status for April arrivals.
  • Notification of successful candidate/Participant status and assignment of Contracting Organisation for April arrivals.

[July arrivals]

  • Announcement of short-list candidate and alternate status.

Sunday 10 April 2022

April arrival participants arrive in Japan (appointments start on Monday 11 April).

April - July 2022

Early arrivals arrive in Japan.

May 2022

Notification of successful Participant status and assignment of Contracting Organisation for July Arrivals

May - December 2022
(2nd week)

Notification of upgrade to short-list candidate for alternates.

June - July 2022

A Pre-Departure Orientation is held for successful candidates at the Embassy or nearest Consulate. Other preparations for departure.

Sunday 24 July 2022 (Group A)

Arrival in Japan (appointments begin on Monday 25 July 2022)

Sunday 31 July 2022 (Group B)

Arrival in Japan (appointments begin on Monday 1 August 2022)


NOTE: The information about the JET Programme on this website is for Australian citizens only. Citizens of other countries are advised to contact a Japanese diplomatic mission in their home countries.

For more information, please contact:

Sydney JET Desk

Telephone: (02) 9250 1000
Facsimile: (02) 9252 3344
Email: (NOTE: We highly recommend writing your email address in the body of your email as well for ease of contact purposes.)