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Donations to 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Appeal

Donations to Kumamoto Earthquake Appeal can be made by following ways:

(1) Through the Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney

Preferred destination of the donation should be selected from:

○The Japanese Government
※Donations can be made until 31 March 2019
○The Japanese Red Cross Society
※Donations closed 30 June 2016

※After relief money is received by the Consulate and sent to the account of the Government of Japan or to the Japanese Red Cross Society, the money will be delivered to the affected people through local governments.

① Bank Transfer

After completing the bank transfer, please email your name, address, telephone number, preferred destination of the donation (the Japanese Government or the Japanese Red Cross Society), and whether you require a receipt.

【Bank Account Details】
Bank:The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, LTD. Sydney Branch
Account name:Consulate-General of Japan Sydney Gienkin
Account number:206771010

【Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney Email Address】

② Cash or Check

Please come to our office at the opposite side of the consular service section, and press the intercom to call an officer in charge. (Office hours: 9:30-12:30, 13:30-14:30)

(2) To the Japanese Red Cross Society

Donations closed 15 June 2016

(3) To Kumamoto Prefectural Government

Donations to be distributed to the disaster affected people.