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在シドニー日本国総領事館の発行「Japan Reports」 : アーカイブ


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Volume 47 No.4 Autumn 2013

1ページ News from the Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney Current Issue
2ページ Consul-General's Activities
3ページ KIZUNA special report (1) - April Morley
4ページ KIZUNA special report (1) - April Morley [part 2]
5ページ KIZUNA special report (2) - April Zhao and Simone Zhao
6ページ KIZUNA special report (3) - Mendel Liang
7ページ Doll Festival & Children's Day
8ページ Destination Japan: Nara - home to Australia's first Japanese sister city

Volume 47 No.3 Spring-Summer 2012-2013

1ページ News from the Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney Current Issue
2ページ Consul-General's Activities
3ページ New honorary consul-general of Japan in Darwin
An article by Consul-General Kohara on the Senkaku Islands
4ページ We moved!
Results of the 30th Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest
5ページ Japanese Cultural Day in Darwin
Japan Expo & Matsuri in Sydney
6&7ページ Japanese Nobel Laureate
Destination Japan: Seto Inland Sea
8ページ New Year in Japan

Volume 47 No.2 Winter 2012

1ページ News from the Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney Current Issue
2&3ページ Consul-General's Activities
4ページ Consul-General's activities - continued
Japanese in New Caledonia: 120 years
5ページ Japanese today - the people and culture: events and resources
6ページ JET Programme - applications for 2013-2014 opening soon
Japanese language proficiency test
7ページ Living with flowers
8ページ Destination Japan: Shizuoka

Volume 47 No.1 Autumn 2012

1ページ From the Desk of the Consul-General Current Issue
2ページ Consul-General's Activities
Essay Contest Awards Ceremony
3ページ Essay Contest Awards Ceremony - continued
JENESYS for Future Business Counterparts from Australia
4ページ JENESYS for Future Business Counterparts from Australia - continued
5ページ Opening of the Tohoku Exhibition at Customs House, Sydney
Messages for our children - an exhibition
Bathurst and Ohkuma Sister-Cities
6ページ JETAA's lazy Sunday lunch...
The Japan Foundation, Sydney - contests to make Japanese come alive
7ページ Some holy doormen
8ページ Destination Japan: Niigata

Volume 46 No.4 Summer 2011-2012

1ページ From the Desk of the Consul-General Current Issue
2ページ Ichthys: largest ever Japanese investment in Australia
3ページ Tohoku, Japan - Rebuilding for a Better Tomorrow
Nadeshiko Japan shines at FIFA Ballon d'Or Awards
4&5ページ The JENESYS Program fostering understanding - Australian university students visit Tokyo and Tohoku, Japan
Results of the 29th Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest
6ページ Winter in Japan - warm feelings for snow
7ページ Setsubun - Out with back luck, in with good
12th World Children's Haiku Contest
Educational Resources
8ページ Destination Japan: Wakayama

Volume 46 No.3 Spring 2011

1ページ Japan-Northern Territory Relations Current Issue
2ページ Japan-Northern Territory Relations [continued]
Consul-General Kohara's activities
Japan's New Prime Minister
3ページ Former JET returns to Tohoku
4ページ Applications open for the 2012-2013 JET Programme
Matsuri in Sydney
Former JET returns to Tohoku [continued]
5ページ I'm seven, I'm five, I'm three - Shichigosan Festival
6ページ One hundred flowers at the Art Gallery of New South Wales
Tokujin Yoshioka: Waterfall
Glimpses of Japan Film & Talk Series
7ページ The 15th Japanese Film Festival 17-27 November
8ページ Destination Japan: Kagoshima

Online extra - long version of interview for 'Former JET returns to Tohoku'

Volume 46 No.2 Winter 2011

1ページ Japan-NSW Relations Current Issue
2&3ページ Japan-NSW Relations [continued]
Consul-General Kohara's activities
Update on the 11 March disaster
Japan wins Women's World Cup
Bright young minds
4ページ Starting life as a JET by Ms Serena Lai
5ページ Summer strategies to beat the heat
6ページ Japanese Design Today 100
Living Histories Interview Series 2011
7ページ 29th Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest
The 1st JJPP Translation Competition
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test
8ページ New World Heritage Sites in Japan

Volume 46 No.1 Autumn 2011

1ページ Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake - A message from the Consul-General Current Issue
2ページ Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake - keeping informed
JET Program - JETs in Japan at the time of the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake
Japan's New Minister for Foreign Affairs
3ページ Consul-General Kohara's Activities
Former Australian POWs visit Japan
4&5ページ Essay Contest Awards Ceremony
JET update
Destination Japan: San'in - exploring another side of Japan
6&7ページ From the archives
The Japan Foundation, Sydney: Resources & Contests
JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters
8ページ Doll Festival and Children's Day

Volume 45 No.4 Summer 2010-2011

1ページ From the Desk of the Consul-General in Sydney Current Issue
2ページ Consul-General Kohara's activities
3ページ Japan's Foreign Minister in Australia
The JENESYS Program
Notice about Japan Reports
4&5ページ The Japanese Calendar
6ページ Les Frères in Sydney
Results of the Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest
7ページ Australian students suggest a new Japanese World Heritage Site
Educational resources
8ページ Destination Japan: Aomori

Volume 45 No.3 Spring 2010

1ページ From the Desk of the Consul-General in Sydney Current Issue
2ページ Consul-General's lecture at the University of Sydney
3ページ Japan's new Foreign Minister
Prime Minister Kan speaks at the 65th commemoration of Nagasaki and Hiroshima
Prime Minister Kan addresses the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly
Japan's Nobel Laureates
4&5ページ Destination Japan: Okinawa
NSW students in Okinawa
6ページ My Japan: Japan through the eyes of university students
Notes to teachers
7ページ The 14th Japanese Film Festival
JET Programme applications open
8ページ Kyoto's Festival of the Ages

Volume 45 No.2 Winter 2010

1ページ A message from the new Consul-General of Japan in Sydney, Dr Masahiro Kohara Current Issue
2ページ Message from Consul-General Kohara [continued]
3ページ The Third Japan-Australia Joint Foreign & Defence Ministerial Consultations
A new Prime Minister for Japan ahead of the Upper House Elections
4ページ Sogetsu's 50th Anniversary
Inoue Yasushi Award
5ページ Tanabata - wish upon a star
6ページ Learning Japanese online through anime & manga
7ページ 28th Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest Topics
Japanese language contests: speech, video and art
8ページ Destination Japan: Kanazawa - a UNESCO craft city

Volume 45 No.1 Autumn 2010

1ページ The 27th Essay Contest Awards Ceremony Current Issue
2&3ページ A Farewell Message from Consul-General Nobuhito Hobo
Visit to Australia by the Japanese Foreign Minister
4ページ JS Shirase returns to Sydney
Ikebana International Sydney Chapter celebrates 50 years
5ページ Looking back on JET by Andrew MacAskill
6ページ Destination Japan: Nara Heijo-kyo 1300th Anniversary
7ページ Japanese art at the 17th Biennale of Sydney
Ukiyo-e by Utamaro in Sydney
8ページ The many uses of bamboo

Volume 44 No.4 Summer 2009-10

1ページ New Year’s Greetings Summer 2009-10
2ページ New Year's Greeting [continued]
JETAA Sydney beyond NSW borders
3ページ Toward the Realisation of an East Asian Community
4ページ Ukiyoe by Utamaro at the AGNSW
5ページ Destination Japan: Kamakura
6ページ Local staff study tour in Tokyo
7ページ Results of the 27th Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest
Educational Resources
8ページ Seeing in the New Year in Japan

Volume 44 No.3 Spring 2009

1ページ New Year’s Greetings Spring 2009
2&3ページ From the desk of the Consul-General / 総領事便り
Japan Club of Sydney receives Foreign Ministerial Award
A sailor's diary returns home
4ページ Japan celebrates the 20th Anniversary of His Majesty the Emperor's Accession to the Throne
5ページ Japanese Film Festival in Sydney
JET Program: applications open for 2010
6ページ The Hatoyama Cabinet
7ページ Japan at the United Nations Summit on Climate Change
Japan-Australia Summit Meeting
8ページ Destination Japan: Kyushu