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Visa Required Document Details

Working Holiday Visa

1. Purpose of Working Holiday arrangement

The governments of Japan and Australia commenced the Japan-Australia Working Holiday arrangement on the 1st December 1980.

The arrangement is intended to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries. Visas are issued to youth intent on accomplishing these purposes whilst planning a long term stay and journey in the country. The applicant's primary aim of the Working Holiday should be to holiday in Japan. The program is not designed for persons who mainly intend to work or study in Japan.



The Working Holiday Programs are designed to promote international interaction and enhance friendly relationship between Japan and partner countries/regions by providing opportunities for young people to deepen their understanding about partner countries/regions.
Working Holiday participants are allowed to work for a certain period of their stay in order to cover associated costs in partner countries/regions.


The primary purpose of an applicant's stay should be a ”holiday” and NOT “to work” in Japan. So those who intend to mainly work in Japan cannot apply for the Working Holiday visa. If an applicant’s aim is primarily to work, they should consider applying for Employment/Working visas instead.
Also it is strictly prohibited for Working Holiday makers to work at bars, cabarets, nightclubs, gambling establishments, and other premises affecting public morals in Japan.


Please understand the intended purpose of the Working Holiday program and apply for this visa accordingly.


2. Eligibility to participate in the Working Holiday


1. An applicant must be an Australian citizen currently residing in Australia. Accordingly, an Australian citizen who is travelling or living abroad will not be eligible.
2. An applicant must be aged between 18-30 (inclusive) at the time of visa application for visa and must never have previously obtained a Japanese Working Holiday visa.
3. For married couples, applications are only accepted provided that they both meet the eligibility requirements and have no dependants.
    They must depart and travel together and both be travelling on Japanese Working Holiday visas.
4. An applicant must be in good health and of good character.
5. An applicant must possess a reasonable amount of funds to cover general living costs during the initial period of their stay in Japan. The minimum amount for a single person is A$2500 and for a married couple is A$3500.


1. Valid Australian Passport with at least 2 spread blank visa pages
2. Visa application form (Sample)
*Please complete the application form and answer all questions without leaving any blank lines. If a question is not applicable, please put “N/A” or “No”.
*You are required to sign and attach a passport sized photograph (4.5cm x 3.5cm or 2inches x 2inches (taken within 6 months)) in the space provided.
3. Flight booking confirmations of all the destination flights from Sydney to Japan (flight details from an accredited travel agent or airline)
*If you will not fly from one airport to another airport, please provide a typed explanation letter.
*We DO NOT require the purchase of tickets or payment of any booking fee, but we DO require a confirmed reservation. We are not responsible for tickets which may become unusable due to the delay or denial of a visa.
4. Curriculum Vitae or Resume detailing your personal, educational and employment history.
5. "Declaration of Intent"
6. "Proposed schedule"
    The schedule for the first 6 months must be completed without any “As above”, “Unknown” or other such marks.
    This schedule will indicate you have thought about your proposed trip and have done some research into the areas that are of interest to you.
7. A letter explaining the purpose of visit: why you wish to travel to Japan as a Working Holiday-maker.
    Please ensure that this is typed and at least one A4 page in length with the applicant's signature.
8. Proof of funds:
    You are required to provide your most recent formal bank statement and/or Transaction list detailing the last three months of transaction records from the day of your visa application and showing funds in excess of A$2500 (A$3500 for a married couple) and the account holder's full name and the residential address. Please note that these funds should be in addition to your airline ticket or the funds you may have reserved for such.
    The applicants must show that they have been saving for their trips and so lump sum amounts that have been deposited prior to applying for the visa will NOT be accepted. Further information regarding source of funds may be required in writing.

Application by Post

Applicants who live in distant locations - north of Newcastle, west of Lithgow, or south of Nowra in New South Wales and anywhere in the Northern Territory may apply by post.


3. Processing time

☆The minimum assessment time is 2-3 weeks.

☆It generally takes longer if additional documents are required for further assessment.

☆There is NO priority processing service. Therefore, early preparation for visa applications is highly recommended.

☆Visas are valid for 1 year. Applicants may therefore apply for visas 1 year prior to entering Japan.

4. Work conditions

The following special conditions must be considered if you wish to work in Japan on a Working Holiday visa.

1. To fully appreciate the many different aspects of Japan, it is advised that the working holiday applicant moves to different areas within Japan at approximately 3-months intervals.
2. Work in nightclubs, bars and cabarets, dance halls, Pachinko bars etc., is not allowed. The Act Controlling Business Affecting Public Morals (Fueiho), Article 2; section 1 and 4, specify these prohibited areas of work.

5. For your information

☆Working Holiday visas will only be issued to an applicant who has not obtained one previously. A second Working Holiday application will not be accepted.
☆There is no charge for the Working Holiday visa.
☆Further information may be required and some applicants may require an interview, however we will contact you if this is necessary.
☆Telephone assistance is available if you require further information on 02-9250-1000 Monday-Friday, 10:00am-12:00pm, 3:00pm-5:00pm.

☆NO inquiries can be made by Email.

6. Resident Card and extension

Working Holiday makers must apply for a Resident Card within 90 days after entry into Japan. This can be obtained at Immigration Offices throughout Japan.

In accordance with the conditions of the Working Holiday scheme, the visa can only be issued as a single entry visa and is valid for an initial stay of 6 months, which will commence from the day of entry into Japan. Applications for extensions of your period of stay can be made at an Immigration Office in Japan, however please note that extensions are granted at the discretion of the Department of Immigration in Japan and that there is no guarantee that an extension will be granted. Please attend to the extension prior to the expiration of your visa.

As the Working Holiday visa is for a single entry only, you will have to obtain a “re-entry permit” at your local Department of Immigration office in Japan if you wish to leave Japan and return to continue your Working Holiday. If you do not obtain a re-entry permit and leave the country, your visa is automatically cancelled.

7. Regional Immigration Bureaus



Phone No.


5-5-30 Konan Minato-ku Tokyo 108-8255



1-29-53 Nankou Kita
Suminoe-ku Osaka
Osaka 559-0034



5-18 Shoho-cho
Minato-ku Nagoya
Aichi 455-8601



6-30 Kami-hacchobori
Naka-ku Hiroshima
Hiroshima 730-0012



778-1 Shimo-usui
Hakata-ku Fukuoka
Fukuoka 812-0003



1-3-20 Gorin
Miyagino-ku Sendai
Miyagi 983-0842



Odori-nishi 12-chome
Chuo-ku Sapporo
Hokkaido 060-0042



1-1 Marunouchi
Kagawa 760-0033