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* Visa Application Periods


Application periods have been
introduced for all the short term
stay visas (excluding Working
Holiday & Long term stay visas
with "Certificate of Eligibility")
depending on the departure dates
from Sydney.

* Issuance of Multiple Entry Visas
for Short-term Stay for Nationals
of India


Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney
Level 12, 1 O'Connell Street,
Sydney NSW 2000

*Visa Application Hours
9:30-12:00, 14:00-16:00

*Visa Collection Hours

*Phone Enquiry Hours
10:00-12:00, 15:00-17:00

Phone Number: 02-9250-1000

Fax: 02-9252-6555

Email: visaextradoc@sy.mofa.go.jp
(Only for additional document submission. Not for visa enquiry by email.)

Visa Type

Short Term Stay ( Up to 90 days )

* Sightseeing or Visting Friends / Relatives in Japan
* Business meeting, School Trip, or Attending an academic conference
* Transit (up to 15 days)

After checking the visa requirements in the above links, please complete the application form using the "Visa Application Form Wrighting Sample" as reference and double check the required documents by using the "Visa Application Check List" below.

* Application Form (Sample - PDF Version and Slide show version(MS PowerPoint required and please run "slide show"))

* Visa Application Check List

Working Holiday

* Working Holiday Visa


* Employment / Working Visa
* Spouse / Child of Japanese Visa
* Student Visa
* Trainee Visa
* Cultural Activities Visa
* Dependent Visa
* Designated Activities Visa
* Long-term Resident Visa
* Points-based Preferential Immigration Treatment for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals

Who Can Apply?

Long Term Residents in NSW and NT

* Permanent Resident Visa Holders

* Student Visa Holders

* 457 Business Visa Holders

* 485 Graduate Visa Holders


* Australian Temporary Visitor Visa Holders

* Holders of an Australian visitor visa who have changed their visa status from a Student Visa

* Residents in the other states in Australia except Northern Territory

Criteria of Visa Issuance

A Japanese visa will be issued to an applicant, when he/she meets all of the following requirements and if the issuance is considered to be appropriate.

1. The applicant possesses a valid passport and is entitled to re-entry to a country of his/her nationality or a country of his/her residence.

2. All submitted documents are authentic, completed and satisfactory.

3. The activities to be engaged in in Japan/ the civil status or the position of the applicant/ the period of stay meet the requirements for the status of residence and the period of stay stipulated in the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act. (Cabinet Order No.319 of 1951. hereinafter referred to as the “Immigration Control Act”)

4. The applicant does not fall under any of the items of Article 5, Paragraph 1 of the Immigration Control Act.