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Visa & Police Certificate

Important Notice of Visa Applications

Due to the recent increase in the numbers of visa applications, application periods have been introduced for all the short term stay visas, depending on the departure dates from Sydney. These restrictions are not applicable to Working Holiday visa applicants and visa applicants with a “Certificate of Eligibility”

Application Periods

All the short term stay visa applicants must apply during the certain application periods depending on your departure day from Sydney.
Please check the dates below:


*Applications made outside the application periods will not be accepted. Please double check the application periods.

*For security reasons, the visa counter may be closed earlier if there are large numbers of visa applicants.

*For security reasons, numbered tickets may be distributed to applicants before office hours. In that case, a notice will be put on our website, so please check it beforehand.

*The application periods above are not applicable to Working Holiday visa applicants, and visa applicants with a “Certificate of Eligibility”.

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