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JET Programme

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:
(1) Be interested in Japan and be willing to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of Japan after their arrival; be motivated to participate in and initiate international exchange activities in the local community; make effort to study or continue studying the Japanese language prior to and after arriving in Japan.
(2) Be both mentally and physically healthy.
(3) Have the ability to adapt to living and working in Japan, and be able to responsibly complete the term of appointment.
(4) Both ALT and CIR applicants must hold at least a Bachelor's degree or obtain such qualifications by the designated arrival date (ALT applicants may alternatively hold a certification of completion of a three-year course to teach at primary/elementary or secondary schools or obtain such qualification by the designated arrival date).
(5) Be a national (not just a permanent resident) of the country where the recruitment and selection procedures take place by the time they submit their application form. Those who possess dual nationality with Japan must renounce their Japanese nationality before submitting their Reply Form. Applicants who have dual nationality with countries other than Japan may only apply as a national of one of those countries.
(6) Be adept in contemporary standard pronunciation, rhythm and intonation in the designated language (see Note 3) and possess excellent language ability that can be applied accurately and appropriately; have the ability to form sentences in a comprehensive and logical manner.
(7) Not have participated on the JET Programme since the 2015-2016 JET Programme year (inclusive of April 2015 arrivals) or for more than five years in total.
(8) Not have declined a position on the JET Programme after receiving notification of placement in the last JET Programme year (excluding cases where it is accepted that the participant had a valid, inevitable reason for withdrawing).
(9) Not have lived in Japan for six or more years in total since 2008.
(10) Have a desire to proactively maintain relations with Japan, even after completion of the Programme.
(11) Concerning entry into Japan for participation on the JET Programme, agree to reside in Japan under the status of residence stipulated in Article 2-2 of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act.
(12) Obey all Japanese laws.
(13) Applicants with a suspended jail term must have finished their period of probation by the time they submit their application form.
In addition to the above, applicants from non-English speaking countries must:
(14) Have a functional command of the English or Japanese language.
In addition to the above criteria, ALT applicants must:
(15) Be interested in the Japanese education system, particularly foreign language education in Japan.
(16) Be interested in working with children.
(17) Be qualified as a language teacher or be strongly motivated to take part in the teaching of foreign languages.
* Additional consideration will be given to applicants who:

  • Have language teaching experience or qualifications.
  • Have teaching experience or qualifications.
  • Have a high level of Japanese language ability.

In addition to the above (1) through (13), CIR applicants must:
(18)  Have a functional command of the Japanese language (Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 or N2 is desirable).