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JET Programme

Contract Details

Contracts are for one year and commence on the day after the date of arrival in Japan. In the case of participants who are unable to arrive on the designated A and B group orientation arrival dates and come at a later date, the contract duration will be shorter.

If a participant violates the rules determined by their Contracting Organization, the contract may be cancelled prior to the end of the one-year period.


For July participants: If it is agreed upon by both the participant and the Contracting Organization, the contract may be renewed for a period of one year, with two renewals permissible in principle (allowing for a total of three years on the Programme). Also, if after careful consideration the Contracting Organisation deems the JET Programme participant’s work performance, level of experience and ability to be of an exceptionally high standard, they may choose to re-contract the participant an additional  two times (altogether, five years). 

Remuneration :

Annual salary before Japanese income and inhabitant taxes (as of March 2014):

First Year: ¥3,360,000; Second Year: ¥3,600,000; Third year: ¥3,900,000; Fourth & Fifth year: ¥3,960,000

Travel Expenses :

Travel expenses to Japan and back to one's home country are provided.

Working Hours :

35 hours per week with 2 days off per week (usually Saturday and Sunday).

Insurance :

Government Health Insurance, Employees' Pension Insurance, Employment Insurance, JET Program Accident Insurance.

Length of Contract :

Contracts are for one year and commence on the day after the participant arrives in Japan. In principle, if both the contracting organisation and JET participants agree, the contract may be renewed a maximum of four times (five years total).