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The Australia-Japan Society of New South Wales Incorporated (AJS-NSW)

Established in 1968, AJS-NSW is a not-for-profit, non-political organisation that aims to promote common interest, goodwill & mutual understanding between Australia & Japan at all levels. One of the strengths of the Society is the variety of events it organises through the year. They range from informative talks by business people & journalists to more social events such as get-togethers to watch sumo or do barefoot bowling. Shabernaito—dinners with Japanese & English conversation—are particularly popular. Learn how to become a member.


The Japan Foundation -
‘Mono no aware: The Poignancy of Things’
(February 26–April 11)

A homage to unexpected parallels between two forms of human shelter that are geographically close, yet worlds apart. ‘Mono no aware: The Poignancy of Things’ is a series of photographs captured by Brett Boardman in Kyoto in 2011. The images juxtapose Katsura Rikyu, a 17th-century imperial villa that has long captivated architects across the world, with the makeshift shelter of a homeless person under a bridge nearby.

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The First NSW & NT Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest for Secondary School Students Award Ceremony

On 11 March at the Consul-General’s official residence, the award ceremony for the First NSW & NT Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest for Secondary School Students was held. Mr Masato Takaoka, the Consul-General of Japan, presented plaques and certificates to the 22 awardees present, of the total 26 prize winners.

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Japan Reports

The Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney's Quarterly Newsletter

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The Consul-General of Japan presents:
“The Art of Sake”

On March 10, the Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney was proud to hold an exclusive sake cultural lecture – “The Art of Sake” – at the official residence of Mr Masato Takaoka, the Consul-General of Japan.
The lecture was presented by the eminent sake expert, Mr Andre Bishop, who is the only Australian national to hold the title of “Sake Samurai” – the highest honour awarded by the Japanese sake industry.

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